2019 Philadelphia Player Reviews

Always a great debate over who is #1, so we decided to put together our own Rankings for the Philadelphia Class of 2019, based on gameĀ  performance. We wish each player much success in the future. And each player should keep working to be the best player they can be……..It’s not how you start the race, but how you finish. Use this as Motivation!

#1. Mikel Jones 6’6″ SF Tall scoring wing, can go inside or outside, don’t get dunked on, handles and very good passer. Best Forward.
#2. Donte Scott 6’6″, SF Athletic forward, will punch your shot and finished on your head, runsĀ  the floor fast, plays with passion. Best Forward Defender.
#3. Fatayn Wesley 5’7″ PG Quick defensive guard, shoots the three and gets in the lane, good passer,very good athlete, speed kills. Top Point Guard.
#4. Seth Lundy 6’4″ WG Likes to score the ball, Mr Basketball, all around game, plays hard, fills stat sheet.
#5. Khyree Temple 6’3″ WG Gets buckets, likes to get in the lane and score, able to get points in many different ways.
#6. Lucas Monroe 6’3 WG Big wing that plays like one, nice all around game, see’s floor and drops dimes.
#7. Amin Bryant 6’2″ PG High IQ, great passer, very good foot work, understands game and and makes plays. Bright Future.
#8 Eric Coleman 6’5″ F Great frame, good in the post and uses body well, best of all loves to rebound the ball and still growing.
#9. JJ Riggins 6’5″ WF athletic, scores well around basket, runs floor like a guard, can face up or play off the block, nice hops.
#10. Chereef Knox 6’4″ WF attacks the rim like grow man, puts ball on the floor well, good passer, aggressive defender, runs the floors with the best.
#11. Chris Ings 5’10” PG Quick and athletic point guard, explosive finishes, also very active defender on and off the ball, may dunk it if he gets a break away.
#12. Kharron Cumming 6’2″ WG Athletic wing guard, scores off the bounce, great athlete, finishes around the rim, top defender.#13. Samir Kinsler 5’9 PG smart playmaker, like to get in traffic and finish, good on the ball defender, plays with passion.
#14. Jacore Divine 6’2 WG Good size for a wing, defends well, score ball of drives to the lane, rebounds.
#15. Steven Payne 6’0″ CG All around player, touches every stat column, does whatever takes for team, glue guy, winner.
#16. Shawn Johnson 6’1 WG Tough wing, likes to get in lane, always makes right play, defends well, high IQ.
#17. Antony Byrd 6′ WG Athletic, great wing defender, gets in lane and finishes plays,