CPABball Top 40 HS Showcase – Harrisburg, PA

Philly TeamThe team took a trip up the turnpike on Sept 27th to compete against some of the top players in Central, PA. Many of these players you will see at the 2015 Philadelphia Unsigned Senior Showcase in April. A full writeup can be found at This site is run by Coach Steve Little. Another site that reported on the event is and can be found here.

Player Evaluation:
Top Philly Players.
Willie Grant Jr. 6’3 F Robeson HS 2015.
Willie basically did what he wanted inside, he displayed some great footwork and post moves throughout the day, he also showed a knack to go get another rebound, another rebound, another rebound, Willie put in 26 points and 10 boards in the 1st game…Can You Say Warrior!

Quadire Truesdale 5’10 CG Palmer HS. 2015
Quadire was in full attack mode when ever he had the ball, he showed the ability to get basket after basket with grown man moves to the hoop, showed his shooting range when left open. Also locked up on defense. Will be a major impact senior in Philly this year.

Kharon Parson 6’2 CG Palmer HS. 2016
Kharon was tough to stop getting in the lane, he showed the ability to find people and make great passes once in the lane. He also rebounds well from the guard position and made some nice finishes at the rim. Once he settled in he lead the team like a true quarterback.

Jermel Savage 6’3 F Robeson HS. 2015
Jermel let it be known do not leave him open behind the 3 point line. At one point he hit 4 in a row from different spots on the court. He also showed great hustle on the court.

Yohn Hall Jr. 6’3 CG AFS. 2015
Yohn put his name out in the world on Saturday in Harrisburg. He play the point position all day, guarded the 2 top player from the area. Yohn got to the rim and finished,, he showed great range on his pull up all the way out and past the 3 point line. Lastly he showed that Philly style of toughness on defense. Division 1’s Take note!

Jonathan Hall 6’7.5
Wing Forward E+S HS. 2015
Jon put in work, he showed great wing skills all day long, he shot the 3, brought the ball up, and made some great passes. He displayed a lot of guard skills, even guarded out on the wing some, Mid Majors take notice! Almost 6’8 skilled Wing!

Surprise of the day!
The Philly Point Guard Tradition will continue on for a long time.
Tymir Cooper 5’8 PG MLK HS 2017.
Meet Tymier im the youngest one on the Philly team but im gone run the show! Tymier was great, tough, hard nosed PG. He went at bigger stronger competition and more than held his on. He got by people, set up teammates, and knocked down shots. Tymier played hard and smart. With continued hard work this name will ring throughout the Keystone State.